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Plurilingual And Intercultural Education

Objectivists see knowledge as a body of knowledge that exists “on the market”—the results or merchandise of human thought processes which have taken on a lifetime of their very own. In this view, Knowledge…with a capitol K…is the sum whole of information, truths, laws, principles, and ideas that man has produced. Human history can be considered Knowledge, though the accepted version varies from culture to culture, or from winner to loser! Codified in language, this Knowledge has been amassed in books and different storage devices over the ages. It have to be more than short-term change (an excellent example of this that we see daily is kids revising for exams and then they overlook that info a few weeks later – that to me isn’t good studying). I consider in experiential learning and some of those appear to fit the invoice.

Ultimately, the goal of multicultural education is to contribute …

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