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Parkinson’s may actually begin within the intestine, new proof suggestsA latest research in mice adds to the evidence suggesting that Parkinson’s illness may very well start in the gut rather than the mind. AI tech offers again ‘voice’ to lady with post-stroke locked-in syndromeA lady with locked-in syndrome following a brain stem stroke is now able to talk again thanks to a mind implant and digital avatar. Statins might lower threat of experiencing another strokeTaking cholesterol-lowering statins after a ‘bleeding’ stroke may help lower the danger for a recurrent stroke, observational information suggests. In many animals, together with ants, the blood-brain barrier ensures regular brain perform by controlling the movement of assorted substances in and out of the mind. A new synthetic intelligence tool might help individuals with Parkinson’s illness remotely assess the severity of their signs within minutes. Researchers have identified the structure of a special transporter found in …

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