Kids Can Learn About Safety in a Friendly and Fun Way from McGruff Sake Kits 

As violent crime continues to soar in the United States, it increasingly makes sense to take precautions with your children. Each year in the U.S., 800,000 children go missing. While 99% are ultimately found and returned home, roughly 1% meet a harsher fate and are not heard from again.


Introducing McGruff Safe Kit


In 1980, the National Ad Council introduced the McGruff the Crime Dog cartoon character as a way to heighten crime awareness among adults and children and teach about personal safety. Beginning in 1992, the National Crime Prevention Council officially licensed and produced the McGruff Safe Kit to teach safety lessons to children in a fun, friendly way.


The goals of the kits are still the same today, and they’re free for parents and guardians to order in the U.S. and Canada. As well as safety advice for children, the McGruff Safe Kits offer parents and guardians a convenient way to record their children’s key identification information. The McGruff Sake Kits are highly recommended by dozens of federal and local government agencies, including the FBI and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).


Inside Each Kit


Included in each kit is a tear-out fingerprint card with child-safe fingerprint ink, allowing children to fingerprint all of their fingers. Also included is a McGruff emergency number card, a personal record card (in which a photo of a child can be attached), 911 instructions, DNA collection tips (for collecting hair samples) and family-friendly quizzes and games to reinforce messages of safety smarts.


How the Kits Are Delivered


The McGruff Safe Kits can be ordered online, and parents or guardians will be sent a confirmation email. Follow-up emails will describe how the kits will get delivered. Locally licensed representatives will then contact the parents or guardians who ordered the kits and set up an appointment for subsequent delivery. These representatives will guide parents and guardians through filling out the included record cards. They’ll also explain bonus insurance coverage that’s optional to order. To clarify, the kits are 100% free, with no purchase required.


Key Safety Lessons


McGruff has a few very important safety lessons for kids to learn:


First, all kids should know how to use 911. Every child should be aware of their full name, their phone number and their home address. Children should learn about so-called “what if?” contingencies. For instance, one of these might be, “What if you were on your way to your local school bus stop, and a car with some men in it slowed down, and they wanted to talk to you?”


Kids need to learn the right thing to do if they’re separated from their parents or their friends in a public space. Kids should always inform their parents about what their plans are and who they’re with. At the same time, parents shouldn’t ever put their children’s names on toys or personal items, as these may be read by strangers.


McGruff Sake Kits are essential for keeping children safe. Click here[link] to order yours today.