Learning activities require a lot of energy and mind so that we can concentrate on those activities. Especially during a pandemic like this, going out of the house to look for fresh wind or just walking around is not recommended for fear of spreading the Covid-19 virus.

The heart condition is bad, there is not much to do, and bored with the same atmosphere since the virus attacked the world. Then we are required to learn online which makes the body and eyes become more tired. Not to mention the piling tasks and deadlines in sight.

To overcome these things, how about we try the following five tips so that you do not get bored easily while studying and become more excited

Interesting notes

Lesson notes are one of the important things when you’re studying. If notes are made interesting such as pasted stickers, given pictures, or calligraphy writing surely we will be more interested to read them. On the other hand, if a note falls apart with a monotonous color, we will be lazy to read let alone open it.

Stationery that can be used to make notes interesting can be in the form of colorful pens and markers, as well as stickers that are currently widely sold in your favorite e-commerce, or you can make your own, loh.

Listen to music

Listening to music while learning has many benefits, including helping the mood get better. Music can increase dopamine and neutransmitter levels which increase feelings of happiness and joy.

Some studies have found that we will be quicker to solve lessons when we are in a happy state of heart. Music can also help overcome stress and anxiety because music helps lower cortisol levels in the brain, which is the body’s hormone responsible for feelings of stress and anxiety.Cozy atmosphere

When learning it would be nice if we learn in a calm and comfortable atmosphere. You can decorate your room or the area around your study in order to have a good atmosphere to learn. Lighting can be adjusted so that it is not too bright or too dim.

In addition, too hot air will make you feel sultry, uncomfortable. While the air is too cold it will also make you feel sleepy. Make the air conditioner in your room as comfortable as possible.

A study desk that looks interesting may make you not easily bored. Decorate with some cute items, photos, or lamp decorations. Then, don’t forget to arrange your study table neatly so as not to interfere with your hand movements while writing.

Learn with friends

Learning is not an activity that should be done alone. To make learning more fun, you can take advantage of advanced technology facilities such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Line,or WhatsApp. In addition to learning to be cool and not boring, we will get additional knowledge that we may not ngeh when teachers or lecturers explain.

Especially during this pandemic, the Task Force on Covid-19 Pandemic Prevention recommends that we stay home. For the sake of our health, why don’t we do that advice? Yes, it is. Instead of learning together with friends that we usually do in advance, we just change it online. How? make the most of the facilities available.

Rest your body

Setting aside time after or while doing the same activity to rest can be very important. When you are glued to the same position and for a long time, your body will feel tired or tired. Therefore do this while resting.

Lots of activities to do at rest. From just relaxing in bed, stretching muscles, exercising, scrolling TikTok on mobile phones, to watching drakor. That way will make you more relaxed, just don’t take too long and forget to go back to doing the most important thing, which is learning.