5 Ways to Get Your Job Done Quickly

1. Make outline in general of the task you want to do

The key to successful work is good planning, including when doing college assignments. That’s why you need to create a grid of what you’ll write later. If necessary, once the lecturer starts assigning you in class you already have a shadow of how you want to do it later at home. Do it all in your head, but if you need to record what comes to mind on your book or mobile phone.

2. Get rid of the useless for your task. Don’t let your mind get disengaged

In addition to having to fight lazy feelings, you also have to keep away from things that make you disengaged. Turn off the TV and mobile phone because these two things will grab your attention the most. If possible, do your tasks in a separate room from your phone and TV. Music can help you concentrate, but don’t use music from your own mp3 collection. Listen to songs from the radio only, because you will not be lured to change songs like in your own mp3 player.

If you’re using your computer to do tasks, log out immediately from Facebook, Twitter, and websites to see photos of your favorite cats. Remember, you only touch the internet if it’s related to your college assignment.

Oh yes, maybe you also need to tell your family / friends if you need privacy and do not want to be disturbed.

3. Work on tasks based on the target time, then you will be encouraged

If you have a short time, then make that time your helper. Force yourself to meet the target within a certain period of time, for example in 10 minutes how many sentences you already have to write. How many paragraphs can you generate in 30 minutes. Then look at your work after an hour. Judge, are you fast enough so far? Or too slow? If you feel you have to write more than that, then you have to increase the tempo.

Do tasks with themes familiar to you

In college, you will be told to make paper many times, not just once. If this paper assignment is really sudden, just take the theme that you have discussed in your previous writing. Take a point of view or focus that you’ve never heard of the theme. For example, if you are a hi child and have previously discussed humanitarian intervention from a Pluralist point of view, now just make a humanitarian intervention from the point of view of the Solidaris. Since the theme is familiar with you, you can do your job faster.

5. Don’t pursue perfection. Perfection, after all, belongs only to… God

If your job comes suddenly, “good enough” is enough. “Pretty good” here doesn’t mean anything, yes. Anyway, estimate what kind of assignment your professor will appreciate. Try to meet the standards. If you can’t exceed it, that’s fine. Forget the obsession of making the perfect assignment and making you a Nobel laureate.

When you’ve started itching to write a “wow” assignment, remind yourself once again that your time is amazingly little. It’s better to do a pretty good job and so than really good and perfect… But it’s still in the head.